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Roof Vent Even if you don't need a chiller conversion to make a refrigerated vehicle then you may still nede a roof vent. Roof vents may be wind driven or electric and are designed for the extraction of heat and fumes within the load compartment. Wind powered rotary ventilators, also known as whirly vents or whirly bird vents, are a popular choice for a wide range of applications. Having the convenience of not requiring an external electrical power source they can be fitted to almost any vehicle. Being wind powered they are much more effective than passive ventilators such as grille or cowls.

Ventilators are generally specified for three major reasons by van owners:

  • To extract fumes or stale air from the vehicle (for driver and passenger comfort and for health and safety reasons). This applies especially to minibuses and to vehicles carrying gas cylinders, inflammable liquids or chemicals.
  • To minimise condensation within vehicles. This applies especially to situations where vehicles are frequently stationary or where wet overalls and equipment have to be stored in the vehicle. The installation of the ventilators in this case significantly reduces the damage to equipment and the deterioration of the vehicle’s interior through water build up and mould.
  • To reduce the temperature of vehicles during summer time for operator comfort and for the protection of equipment or perishable goods. (The daytime interior temperature of unventilated vans even in temperate latitudes during the summer months is typically 100º F in the sunshine or higher still whenever the van is stationary).

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